About Ben Steiner


Currently in his senior year at St. George’s school in Vancouver, Ben began Van City Sport in 2017. His main interests¬† include athletics and writing, two passions which come together as displayed on the site. Having taken part in many athletic endeavors himself including soccer, alpine ski racing, cricket and ball hockey; Ben has learned the ins and outs of all these different games.

Away from sports, Ben has been heavily involved within his community; having taught at Temple Sholom’s Hebrew school since 2015 and working as a cook at “The Galley” restaurant in the summer of 2018.

Throughout the past two years he has been involved with Sportswave Media, The Vancouver Canadians, UBC Thunderbirds, Away From the Numbers (AFTN), Northern Starting Eleven and The Jewish Independent. Having covered everything from baseball to ski racing in that time. For Van City Sport Ben has media credentials to the Vancouver Canadians; the Toronto Blue Jay’s short season “A” affiliate, Vancouver Warriors Lacrosse, The UBC Thunderbirds and the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Benjamin Steiner

Other than writing, Ben’s sports coverage extends to podcasts as well as play-by-play on both hockey, soccer and baseball.

Ben’s goal is to service the lesser known sports throughout the lower mainland, bringing in-depth coverage to university and professional sport around Vancouver.

You can find Ben on Facebook, as well as on Instagram as @Vancity_sport or Twitter @BenSteiner00.

All pieces on this site are written by Ben.