Blue Jays: It’s Not As Bad As It Seems

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It is dismal times for the Blue Jays, who are on pace for their worst season in franchise history. However, they are not last in league attendance and continue to proclaim a small message of hope.

The Blue Jays are not last in attendance, but they have played in front of the smallest crowds in the MLB.

The first game against the Tampa Bay Rays was played in front of fewer than 6000 people, the smallest crowd in Rays’ history, and a smaller attendance than the Blue Jays short-season A affiliate in Vancouver.

The Blue Jays, who boast an awful record of 21-35 at the time of this writing, have never been worse than this, although it is not the worst time for them to be bad. The Maple Leafs have been doing well, and the Raptors have captured the imagination of the city. This means that the spotlight is not on the dismal performances taking place in the Rogers Centre.

For example, if this was in the early 2000s when both the Leafs and Raptors were struggling, the Blue Jays would be missing a massive opportunity. Even though the managerial team is continuously being criticized, they have timed their rebuild perfectly that way.

Some may say the rebuild project has gotten too rotten, but that is not the fault of the management team. This Blue Jays team, which is truly horrible; has been hit even worse by injuries and has not been able to put together a  starting rotation for a couple of months now. If this team were healthy, they would not be a playoff team, but they wouldn’t be this terrible.

The team really hit rock bottom in the 19-4 loss against the San Diego Padres, and that led to a lot of complaining from the fanbase. However the next day, the young Jays rebounded with a positive win and overall good performance. This bounce back showed the determination of the new, young group– and is a promising sign for when they are faced with the adversity of future October baseball.

From the outset, this season was not promoted as a winning one, however, the organization has not just thrown it to the side. They promoted the highly touted prospects of Vladimir Guerrero Jr, and Cavan Biggio while Bo Bichette will likely be promoted once he is healthy.

With the promotion of highly some touted prospects, and the promising recent performances of depth prospects such as Lourdes Gurriel Jr, this season has shaped some intriguing storylines despite the fact the team is on pace for the worst season in their history.

All in all, this season is worse than expected, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. While it may not be worth watching every game, the team is forming and looks to be promising in future years. For now, it is tough for Blue Jays fans, but just wait; it will get better.

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