Canucks: Alex Burrows and ball hockey

Written for Through 50 years of Vancouver Canucks hockey characters. Here, I’m taking a look back on how Alexandre Burrows emerged as a franchise great. Former Vancouver Canucks forward Burrows made a name for himself during his time with the Sedin twins. Dubbed as the “third Sedin,” Burrows was the ideal player to complete the top … Continue reading Canucks: Alex Burrows and ball hockey

Canucks: The Kalamazoo question

Written for With the Vancouver Canucks goaltending situation heading into this season,  could the ECHL’s Kalamazoo Wings be an option for the organization? To say the goaltending situation for the Vancouver Canucks has an interesting past would be a criminal understatement. Since the turn of the decade especially, the Vancouver Canucks have had a whirlwind of … Continue reading Canucks: The Kalamazoo question

Player Development Series: Which draft has more value, NHL or MLB?

July 6, 2019, Vancouver- Player development is a crucial part of any sport, but there is no clear consensus on what sport has the best system for player growth. Minor leagues, affiliates, prospect leagues and colleges all have their benefits. However, some have established themselves as the preferred routes to success for the game's elite.  Soccer … Continue reading Player Development Series: Which draft has more value, NHL or MLB?

Canucks: Was there hype around the draft?

Written for The first day of the draft offered an abundance of fanfare and exuberance. However, day two is much more business oriented. We saw some surprises in the first round of the 2019 NHL draft, including Moritz Seider going sixth overall to the Detroit Red Wings — before the Vancouver Canucksgot their class of draft picks, … Continue reading Canucks: Was there hype around the draft?

Canucks: Overvaluing prospects and assets

Sports teams and fans often overhype prospects, and they overvalue assets. This is especially prevalent on the Vancouver Canucks. One would usually go the way of trades to improve their team quickly, however as the offseason drags on, that possibility is looking tougher and tougher for the Vancouver Canucks. It’s not only Canucks fans who do … Continue reading Canucks: Overvaluing prospects and assets

The Vancouver Canucks’ Goalie Carousel

Written for and published at How did that happen? That’s the question many Vancouver Canucks fans were asking themselves when 19-year-old junior netminder Michael DiPietro found himself in between the pipes for in their recent 7-2 loss to the San Jose Sharks. While the Vancouver Canucks organization has long been regarded as a goalie graveyard, the … Continue reading The Vancouver Canucks’ Goalie Carousel